High quality Ingenico payment terminals

Looking for payment terminals? Ingenico is the worldwide market leader in payment terminals and associated services. Millions of these pin terminals are being used everyday. You can easily procure your Ingenico hardware through GoCredible. This collaboration enables us to provide our customers with a seamlessly integrated payment solution, encompassing everything from KYC compliance to Smart Payments and the provision of suitable hardware. Whether you only require terminals or seek a more comprehensive, tailored solution, at GoCredible you’ve come to the right place.

Explore the possibilities


Unattended, self-service

  • Self 2000
  • Self 3000
  • Self 4000
  • Self 5000


Unattended, self-service

  • Self 7000
  • Self 8000 (EVA)
  • Self 8000 (ART)


Attended terminals

  • Desk 5000
  • Lane 5000
  • Link 2500
  • Move 3500
  • Move 5000


Why choose GoCredible?

C-tap certified terminals
Tailored approach based on your preferences
The first Ingenico reseller based in the NL
Specialized in self-service terminals

A complete payment process


Safe and compliant payments


All payouts run smoothly through the third-party trust account with Smart Payments


The proper hardware to realize your payment operations.

Future proof payment solutions

GoCredible is a FinTech company. Therefore, we are not just a payment provider and terminal reseller, we also develop our own systems. No outdated legacy systems, but more modern, flexible and integrated white-label payment solution. What solutions can we create for your needs?