About: Our Story

Transparent exchange

In 2015 we started GoCredible as a team of passionate entrepreneurs. What triggered it? Each of us had experienced what it is like to buy or sell a car ourselves.

Those experiences provided plenty to talk about. At that time, instant payments between bank accounts did not exist yet and it was not possible to provide certainty about the status of a payment. We just wanted everyone to feel safe when buying or selling for a high sum.

We make our own payment solution!

Lots of people ran into this problem. That is why we started looking for a smart and secure payment solution and launched the Car Payment Service. A solution that enables businesses and consumers to trade more safely and easily, based on clear pre-defined agreements. Providing assurance of delivery and assurance of payment. Car Payment Service has been the project that taught us how to build a reliable payment service. It is the constant source of inspiration for our current payment solutions. We make smart use of technology to break down barriers.

Onze visie en ambitie

The fast-growing platform economy calls for intelligent payment solutions that can effortlessly handle complex payment situations. For example, managing third-party funds or performing multi-split payments.

In addition, regulations on payment transactions are growing more stringent. Organisations that currently appeal for exemptions and exceptions will rather be marked as payment service providers, an activity requiring an exigent PSD2 licence. Moreover, the regulations become more extensive and complex: ‘doing it yourself’ will become a greater burden for an organisation.

GoCredible’s mission is to create distinctive, sustainable, straightforward services and result-driven payment applications, combined with a passion for innovation and technology, which support our customers’ business objectives and enable collaboration models. Real solutions that consistently meet changing needs.

GoCredible Smart Contracts Platform

GoCredible has developed its Smart Contracts Platform for platforms and similar types of collaborations. All data it processes is encrypted and stored on Dutch servers in high-security data centres. Its Smart Contracts Platform offers reliable building blocks that enable a smart upgrade for current payment systems, without the need for an extensive IT migration. GoCredible advises on the best solutions and then also implements them. GoCredible focuses on companies that have their own way of dealing with payment transactions. A major advantage of the Smart Contracts Platform is it ensures that third-party funds are entirely separated from a company’s own financial flows to comply with all laws and regulations.

Who we are

GoCredible’s qualified professionals have made their mark in Finance and eCommerce. The Management Team consists of Teun Lammers (CEO), Cees van de Par (CCO), Wim Krechting (CFRO) and Lars van der Vliet (CTO). We use a Three Lines of Defence risk management model (3LoD), our internal processes are monitored by our independent Compliance Manager and Audit Officers. Our Supervisory Board oversees the statutory board’s policy and supports them.
GoCredible helps you handling payments and third-party funds in a smart way.