Meet all Wwft-requirements with ease

We enjoy simplifying complex matters. That’s why we’ve streamlined the KYC registration process for customers into a few simple, intuitive steps, available to both individual and business clients. The receiving, storing, and monitoring of customer data is managed through a fully automated process. This ensures that your company remains AML-compliant.

KYC Tooling &

As a Wwft regulated institution, GoCredible has developed a KYC software system to comply with all regulations, supervisory requirements and AML guidelines. Discover how our solutions can simplify your client onboarding process and why our partners are so enthusiastic about them.

Ensure your Wwft compliance with one of our two advanced KYC solutions: KYC Tooling & KYC-as-a-service. 

KYC Tooling

Versimpelt jouw proces

  • Software system
  • Easy to use
  • White-label service
  • Portal configurable as an API
  • Research UBOs, PEPs, and sanction list entries in just a few clicks


Wij stellen risicoanalyses op

  • Client verification and acceptance by experienced professionals 
  • Tailored to your needs
  • White-label service
  • Portal configurable as an API
  • Accessible dashboard

A full and efficient KYC procedure in just 6 quick steps,

including PEP, sanction lists, VIS, Chamber of Commerce registrations, and more.

Wet ter voorkoming Witwassen & Financieren van Terrorisme (Wwft)

What does the Wwft entail?

De Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme (Wwft) obligates banks and other financial institutions to take measures (client due diligence) to prevent their systems, such as bank accounts, from being used for money laundering. This process is referred to as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC). 

What are unusual transactions?

Unusual transactions do not align with a customer’s normal financial behavior. The institution assesses whether a transaction is unusual based on various factors, such as atypical cash withdrawals, deposits, and payments. 

Who does the Wwft apply to?

The Wwft applies to institutions and professional groups involved in financial transactions or the purchase and sale of goods. Examples include marketplaces, crowdfunders, event organisations, and tax advisors.

How is the Wwft monitored?

Different supervisory authorities, including the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), the Financial Supervisory Office (BFT), and the Financial Markets Authority (AFM), oversee compliance with the Wwft across various sectors.

What does
cliënt due
diligence entail?

Who is the client?
Who's representing the client?
Who are the ultimate beneficial owners?
What's the client's goal?
Real-time transaction monitoring

Why choose

At GoCredible, we view KYC not only as a necessity but also as an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your customers. We achieve this by making the process as simple as possible right from the start. Our registration module transforms a mandatory regulation into an opportunity to pleasantly surprise your customers. Furthermore, our software is fully developed in accordance with the latest KYC standards within the CDD/AML legislation.

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