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Smart Payments

We use technology to break down barriers, allowing businesses and consumers to trade with each other safely and carefree.


Our Smart Contracts Platform has been inspired by blockchain technology that makes use of ‘smart contracts’ as well. The anchored conditions ensure the success. By linking a Smart Contract to each and every payment, we can handle any payment according to the pre-defined conditions. That's what our Smart Payments are like.

Payment service ‘as-a-service'
DNB licence GoCredible
GoCredible BV is licensed by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) as a Payment Institution.
Payment methods
GoCredible offers all major payment methods. We are registered by Currence for the collection of funds, and we are certified as a collecting PSP for iDEAL (CPSP). We are an acquirer of the eCOM payment method Payconiq. In addition, we integrate with the EMS PCI-licensed Gateway for international payment methods including MasterCard, Visa and ApplePay. GoCredible is recognised as an Acquiring Payment Service Provider (APSP) by the Betaalvereniging (Dutch Payments Association) and is therefore a provider of PIN (Maestro, VPay). Our Smart Contracts Platform also supports payment by SEPA Credit Transfer and the collection of one-off and recurring payments.
'Stichting Derdengelden GoCredible'
GoCredible Third-Party Funds Foundation is registered in the Commercial Register of the Amsterdam-based Chamber of Commerce under KVK number 63721325. The third-party funds account is held with Rabobank. This account is separate from GoCredible's operation and is solely used to facilitate payments.
Supervisory Board
As part of its Governance, GoCredible has installed a Supervisory Board that oversees sound and controlled business operations.

GoCredible invests in research and development in the areas of payment solutions, technology and customer experience. Our team of qualified professionals have made their mark in Finance and eCommerce.

Advice and deployment


GoCredible has developed a PreScan that demonstrates the opportunities for your payment processes. Our scan provides the following insights:


  1. Gain Insight: ‘turn complexity into structure’
  2. Flag Risks And Inefficiencies: ‘looking around the corner’
  3. Identify Opportunities: ‘find ways to smarten up’


This PreScan recommends how the Smart Contracts Platform can make your payment solution smarter and safer. In addition, we implement our advice on the design of the payment system. Our expertise and personal involvement equip us to co-create the best solution. We offer customisation so we take care of the software development and the project management.


Our clients' success as business partners of GoCredible is our personal success.


GoCredible is a FinTech combined with a payment service provider. We offer a modern, flexible and integrated white-label payment solution, not some old legacy system. Our processes are set up Agile and implemented as code. Security and assurance are integrated with our DevSecOps development standard.

A major advantage of our Smart Contracts Platform is it ensures that third-party funds are entirely separated from a company's own final flows. With this, our clients meet the stringent conditions regarding third-party funds. In addition to payment services, we provide customer acceptance, transaction and sanction act monitoring ‘as-a-service’.

For efficiency and risk mitigation we aim at ‘Compliance as Code’ providing automated compliance. This does not limit regulatory supervision, but it does allow for efficient deployment and demonstration of some of the obligations. Our platform offers multiple building blocks that enable a smart upgrade of current payment systems, with the need for an extensive IT migration.

Trusted to Smarten-up

Find out more about the possibilities of our payment solution for your business? We are happy to map out with you your opportunities for growth. Call us at 085 060 3102, send a contact request or visit us by appointment at the ‘Strategiefabriek’ (Strategy Factory) in Amsterdam.
Together we will determine how to develop and validate your innovative proposition swiftly and specifically. For this, we use methods such as Lean Start-up, Design Thinking and Customer Development.
We are an innovative FinTech, specialised in the simple and swift deployment of complex payment solution.