Outsource your KYC to GoCredible

Our experienced analysts conduct all necessary checks using our very own KYC tooling software, and then verify and accept the customer based on a risk analysis. The customer provides all necessary information through the online registration process. We take care of the rest.


Why opt for KYC-as-a-service?

Quality assurance

As a Wwft institution, GoCredible has developed a KYC module to comply with all regulations, supervisory requirements, and AML guidelines. We use the KYC Tooling ourselves as well and therefore greatly benefit from training our analysts and keeping our process up-to-date.


Plug and play. Ready to deploy by integrating via the API. Premium front-end UX that can be customized to your own brand identity. Dynamically designed, making it accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Our service is suitable for both corporate and individual entities, investors, entrepreneurs, event organizers, used-car sales platforms—actually any service where KYC plays a role in the registration process.

Required checks

Identification, verification, and signing in one digital solution. EVA/VIS check on identification documents and IBAN verification. Direct screening for PEP and global sanction lists. Digital signing via iDEAL or iDIN. Continuous monitoring for PEP, SANCTION, and Chamber of Commerce registration (Board changes, etc).

“With the KYC-as-a-service solution, you have access to an expert team that enables quick responsiveness. It’s their expertise for a reason.”

Wim Krechting, CFRO GoCredible

KYC Tooling vs KYC-as-a-service



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