payment solution smartP


Our payment solutions have been inspired by blockchain technology that makes use of ‘smart contracts’ as well. The anchored conditions create one single truth and therefore ensure a secure and efficient payment.

We link contracts to each payment, and that is unique. In our Smart Contracts API, we pre-define the conditions on how to handle a payment; these are our ‘Smart Contracts’. This enables us to realise specific payments, all according as agreed; these are our ‘Smart Payments’.

100% sure of payment on delivery

Using GoCredible smartP, we park the transaction’s purchase amount securely on our escrow account until the delivery has been fulfilled as agreed. Only then will we pass on the money to the seller.


Should the delivery not take place as agreed, the buyer will be refunded immediately. We offer full protection to both buyers and sellers, as neither of them will hold both the money and the product at the same time.


Our conditional payment solution is simply ideal for transactions where simultaneous delivery and payment is just not possible.

Unique and distinctive smartP payment service

SmartP is a conditional payment service that uses pre-defined conditions to determine what should happen to the buyer’s money. Other payment methods usually benefit the interests of either the buyer or the seller. GoCredible has developed the unique smartP payment solution that protects both the buyer and the seller. This means providing assurance of payment for the seller as well as assurance of delivery for the buyer. This combination of assurances makes a smartP transaction attractive for both parties.

The smartP payment solution is unique in protecting both the buyer and the seller: providing assurance of payment for the seller as well as assurance of delivery for the buyer. The buyer pays with iDEAL, then the money makes an intermediate stop at the GoCredible third-party funds foundation (Stichting Derdengelden GoCredible). Once the payment is made, the business-owner is notified immediately to start the delivery. Upon acceptance by the buyer, the purchase amount is released, and the business-owner receives the money.
The seller pays GoCredible for using the smartP payment service. For the buyer, the use is free of charge.


How does smartP work?

The seller’s web shop is technically integrated with our smart contracts via an API, which leads the buyer to the secured smartP payment page. Once on this page, the buyer easily selects the appropriate bank. In this familiar banking environment, the customer pays with iDEAL, after which the purchase amount is directly transferred to GoCredible’s escrow account and is placed there in safekeeping. Payment is never transferred directly to the seller. The seller can deliver the product after our API communicates the customer payment. Once the buyer accepts the product, GoCredible will transfer the money to the seller. If the customer does not accept the product or the transaction is cancelled for any other reason, the buyer will receive a refund automatically.

What is so unique about SmartP?

  1. SmartP is available to both buyer and seller: non-payment does not occur, and the buyer will not lose any money should there be no delivery.
  2. The transaction is secured and identifiable thanks to the use of iDEAL within the personal banking environment of buyer.
  3. Any private individual with a Dutch banking account and a valid ID can use smartP, provided the bank offers iDEAL.
  4. A Dutch company with a business bank account that support iDEAL payments, with an owner possessing a valid ID, can also pay with smartP.

The use of smartP allows you to distinguish yourself as an eCOM entrepreneur and lets you explore new markets.

Rules of play

There is a set of rules that you as a business-owner have to deal with. These are legal obligations that protect the customer, and which are monitored by regulators and consumer organisations. A selection of these rules:

  • It is not allowed to ask for a full deposit if you cannot deliver immediately.
  • A customer must be able to choose a post-payment method.
  • The customer can cancel online purchases within 14 days.
  • If you collect money on behalf of other sellers, you may need to apply for a licence of De Nederlandsche Bank under PSD2.

The Dutch e-commerce network Thuiswinkel Waarborg (online shopping guarantee) accepts that entrepreneurs offer smartP as the only payment method, as smartP is not a deposit. This means that a seller does not need to offer any other payment methods to their customers. GoCredible offers a complete payment solution with smartP.

Providing assurance for a buyer

  • A customer will pay error-free with iDEAL. This is the most widely used online payment method of the Netherlands. Because transaction details are autofilled, input errors are prevented.
  • What is the difference between smartP and an iDEAL payment? SmartP uses an iDEAL payment. The difference with a regular iDEAL payment is that with smartP the money does not go directly to the seller, until after buyer has accepted the product. If there is no delivery, or the buyer decides not to accept the product, the money will automatically be refunded. GoCredible’s Smart Contracts take care of that.
  • GoCredible keeps your money securely in a separate bank account. Only after acceptance upon delivery will GoCredible pay the seller. That is how you have a grip on your money.

Third-party funds Foundation

The transaction’s purchase amount is safely stored by GoCredible’s third-party funds foundation, until the product has been delivered. At that point, the money will be released to the seller. Should the delivery not take place as agreed; the buyer will be refunded immediately. We offer full protection to both buyers and sellers, as neither of them will hold both the money and the product at the same time.

Each payment by SmartP is handled individually. The payment of a buyer who purchases from seller A, is only used to pay seller A, and will never be used for any other seller. At all times, GoCredible fulfils the role of impartial conduit of the money.

Customised look & feel

You can add your own styling and company logo to our payment page. As a result, the transition from your own web shop to the smartP payment page is in sync. A potential buyer landing on the payment page will experience this as an integrated solution. A sign of good and smooth teamwork between the business-owner and GoCredible.

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