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In more and more places parties are working together towards innovation. Platforms and other types of collaboration are emerging. And making promises to demanding customers that need to be realised.

Within this trend of ‘platformification’ and ‘integration’, the importance of reliable and efficient payment transactions is increasing. Not only because of the growing complexity, but also since legislation and regulations have been tightened up due to PSD2.

In the fight of governments and regulators against financial crime, regulations regarding payment transactions are growing more stringent. Anyone who used to appeal for exemptions and exceptions before, is nowadays marked as subject to PSD2 authorisation.

Smart splitP payment service

SplitP is the smart conditional payment service for managing financial flows. SplitP manages the finances and pays the money itemised to all beneficiaries. All under clear and pre set conditions.

This makes splitP the number one financial logistics solution for complex financial flows – we can set it up for all forms of payment.

As such, GoCredible takes over the financial logistics from the platform. By processing your payments using the GoCredible Smart Contracts Platform, you meet all conditions. This frees you from undue issues that do not belong to your core business.

The payment service is built entirely in line with the current PSD2 legislation and is a unique application in taking over the handling of third-party funds. Each entrepreneur is required to take measures to protect money belonging to third parties.

Multi-split with splitP

Smart Payments is our core expertise. Smart Payments contain pre-defined agreements that have been programmed unequivocally in a digital instruction. You determine the conditions of the payments in compliance with the requirements of your company or industry.

SplitP allows for multiple splitting of one customer payment when multiple parties are part of the transaction. All beneficiaries will automatically receive the part to which they are entitled. As a platform, you collect the purchase price – and your own success fee – in one single customer payment.

GoCredible splitP makes it happen.


The second Payment Services Directive, also known as PSD2, is the logical follow-up to PSD1. PSD1 dates back to 2007 and aimed to create a single uniform payment market in the European Union. PSD2 elaborates on this, preparing the way for the development of new payment services, allowing for increasing innovation and competition. As of February 2019, the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and the Dutch Civil Code have been updated, based on this directive.

The Impact of PSD2

PSD2 gives consumers more rights and protection. New payment options also create opportunities for business owners. But the tightened attitude towards third-party funds calls for action. Every entrepreneur working with third-party money must take measures to protect these funds. This will have a major effect on the organisation, especially if payment transactions are not part of daily routines.

The Solution

The solution is outsourcing your payment processing to the right payment service provider. GoCredible is the specialist in this. And we can assure you; a new design entails more than simply rerouting the financial flow. This requires a deliberate redesign of multiple financial flows without damaging the customer journey. And considering the interests of both your suppliers and you as a platform at the same time. We take over the financial flow, so as a platform you never possess third-party funds, and act in compliance with the PSD2 rules.

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